Somatic Therapy

counsellor totnes

Treatment length and price:

60 minutes - £45


Integrated sessions: How it works

Somatic therapy is all about integrating the physical benefits of bodywork with the psychological benefits of talking therapeutic work.  Sessions can be booked as a one-off individual session to release emotional pain or tension from specific areas in the body, as a series of sessions or integrated alongside counselling work.

Sessions are hands-on, working with massage techniques to allow healing on both a physical and emotional level, focusing on releasing pain and trauma that are held within the nervous system. Our bodies play an important role in our mental health, particularly when processing stressful or traumatic events, and so this can be an incredibly powerful and effective therapy.

Tension in our bodies is often directly linked with emotional stress, and so working to release this tension can greatly enhance the therapeutic process.

Some people find it comfortable to have talking therapy integrated with these sessions, whereas others prefer to have time set aside at the end to work through any issues that come up. Either option is ok, and we will discuss what feels best for you in the appointment.

Somatic therapy can help with the following:

Anxiety and stress

Panic attacks


Nightmares and night terrors

Abrupt mood swings

Exaggerated emotional and startle responses


Intrusive imagery or flashbacks



Digestive disorders

Recurring back problems

Chronic pain


Brain fog


Neck pain

Headaches/ Migraines