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SPACE School Counselling

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The SPACE school counselling programme provides full and half day counselling programmes to schools, working with children and young people who require additional support with social and emotional wellbeing. Individual weekly counselling sessions offer specialised work for this age group, using creative strategies integrated with other modalities. Sessions usually run for approximately 8 to 12 weeks per child, although this can be extended where longer-term psychotherapeutic support is necessary.


The programme works with a broad range of issues, including childhood trauma and abuse, domestic violence, grief and loss, anger, suicide, self-harm, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. Children and young people have vocalised finding it much easier to talk about these issues with someone who is separate from other roles in the school, and all have reported that counselling helped them with the issues they were struggling with. Teachers and parents have described seeing positive changes such as increased confidence and engagement in class, reduced anxiety, higher self-esteem and improved regulation of behaviour.

To see how SPACE could benefit your school please contact me to arrange a booking or to discuss further.



Providing a safe and professional therapeutic space in schools to support emotional and social mental health and wellbeing


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