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Corporate Yoga Devon

Corporate yoga classes provide significant benefits to both your employees and the company itself.


Classes are available most weekdays, either before or after work or as a lunchtime class. Please contact me for further information on corporate and business yoga packages or to arrange a meeting.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga to Company and Employees

Stress management 

Both employees and managers regularly experience the negative effects of stress at work, often leading to mental or physical health issues, sick days and burnout. Regular yoga practice can help to reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind, reduce fatigue and strengthen the immune system leading to a much healthier and happier workforce.


Better relationships

Offering yoga classes at work creates a sense of community, helps to boost confidence and improves communication among employees, resulting in higher morale among staff and helping employees to build relationships with one another. This perk also makes a workplace more attractive to current and prospective employees. Satisfied and happy employees usually result in a reduction in staff turnover.

Increased focus and efficiency 

Regular yoga practice helps to improve mental focus and concentration, enabling employees to be more productive at work and able to remain calm in stressful situations.


Improved physical health 

Working long hours in front of a computer, meeting deadlines or dealing with stressful and unpredictable situations can take a serious toll on the mind and body. Back pain, neck problems, headaches, eye problems and chronic muscular pain are really common in the workplace. Corporate yoga classes provide a cost-effective and engaging opportunity to reduce the levels of stress from the workday and increase overall health and wellbeing for staff throughout your business. Regardless of physical ability, yoga is suitable and accessible for all. Yoga practice can help to build strength, improve posture, reduce muscular tension and increase flexibility.

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